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The Soul of Chattanooga

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If you have a question or we can be of assistance, you can call us at (423) 698-8617 or send an email to sales@wnooradio.com. We will respond to your email within 1 business day.



“Hello, I am commenting on oldies program that comes on Saturday from 6-9, I am in love this program, such a good variety of good music.....I sing all the songs and I am so surprised that the words just flow out, you have really touched me...”

by: MT–Cox



“I love WNOO it's helps me out a lot the best radio station in the world I listing to it everyday And crazy about the morning show with Mr. Steve H and crew you all makes my day keep up the wonderful work”

by: T T Parker

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Address: 1108 Hendricks Street
City/State: Chattanooga, TN   37406
Telephone: (423) 698–8617
E-mail: sales@wnooradio.com